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My First Dessert Menu


I recently took a job as a pastry cook at the new farm-to-table restaurant in town.  After a week of training (also known as playing around with all the ingredients in the walk-in) and a few days of dry-runs, we had a rough draft of our pastry department.  Every morning, the pastry case should be stocked with cookies, mega-muffins, and scones.  Quiche, biscuits, and pancake batter need also be prepared for breakfast service.  Add two types of ice cream sandwiches and two desserts for dinner service to the to-do list, and there is plenty to accomplish throughout the week.

Week two of being open was our pastry chef’s family vacation week, which left me all alone.  Finishing the big batches of muffins, cookies, pate brisee, scones, biscuits, and quiche custard was enough work to keep me busy.  Wednesday rolled around and it was time to come up with desserts.  I never would have gotten it done without the help of Liz.

The best part of this job is having a whole walk-in full of fresh local produce and delicious cheese at your disposal.  We decided to use the award-winning cheesecake recipe I got from Chef Bill at school and incorporated fromage blanc from Split Creek Farm for tang.  We layered thinly sliced figs on top and drizzled it with lavender-infused honey.  We also made gorgeous blackberry galettes with mint whipped cream and continued our love affair with ice cream sandwiches using High Road Craft Ice Cream.



Ted and I went out for dessert a few nights later.  He stole the dessert menu and framed it.  What a sweet guy.


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  1. I’m really excited about your blog. I dont read blogs but I seriously cannot wait to see what it on here. I read your updates in fb and I always hope there is a recipe of some sort. I need cooking inspiration. You should see my amazing kitchen but with my busy life I rarely have time to get creative with cooking


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