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Heirloom’s First Field Trip



The staff of Heirloom had its first farm tour last Sunday.  After our staff meeting, we all piled into cars to make the drive out to Darby Farms located in Good Hope.  For those of you not familiar with Good Hope, it’s a small town off of Highway 78 West.  Daniel Dover rents the thirty acres that comprise Darby Farms. While Darby Farms is primarily a pastured poultry farm – they produce eggs, turkeys, and broiler chickens- Daniel also has three Great Pyrenees, six pigs, and numerous kittens.

Daniel walked us around the farm while he did his nightly chores.  In the picture above, he showed us the trailer where he processes chickens to be sold.


Teenage Chickens


Daniel moved the pigs’ feed so they would relocate to another piece of land.  This has to be done frequently; the land the pigs were on has to rest for four months before pigs can be on it again.  The pigs tried to eat my shoelaces.


A happy guard dog.  They loved to play with the kittens.  Daniel told us that these dogs have to be trained to their animals.  Initially, the dogs wanted to eat the chickens.  They had to be taught to lick the chickens instead of killing them, then they learned to guard them rather than terrorize them.  Now they patrol the roost at night to keep away coyotes and other predators.


Teenage Turkeys


The chickens’ roost, complete with stadium seating.   Facing the roost is the coop (not pictured), housed in a similar trailer made of scraps.  Daniel bartered with a friend for the coop’s frame – in return, he made the friend a trailer of his own.

Head here for a fun article from Flagpole about Darby Farms.


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